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Lobelia Cambridge Blue Flowers

Loves growing in mountain gardens. The soft, light blue flowers of Cambridge Blue Lobelia are perfect for any spot in the garden, hanging basket, container, window box or border. The pale green foliage is not often seen because of the profusion of flowers which bloom from spring to fall.  Seed can be started for around $2, or big bold plants are … Continue reading

Rose Gardening 101

By Ken Lain, the mountain gardener Mother’s Day is just three weeks away and almost all mothers love flowers, especially roses.  Watters has stocked up with hundreds upon hundreds of roses in preparation for Mother’s Day, and the choices can be overwhelming.  To help uncomplicate the issue, I just posted on my blog an explanation of the four major rose … Continue reading

Muskmelon, Cantaloupe & Honeydew – what’s the difference?

Summertime Melons in the Garden What we call cantaloupes are really muskmelons. True cantaloupes are hard-shelled melons from Europe. Honeydew melons are different from muskmelons in that the skin is smooth, the flesh is green, and the scent is markedly different. Unlike muskmelons, honeydews can be stored for up to a month. Muskmelons stop ripening after being picked from the vine, … Continue reading

Roses Explained – Four Major Rose Types

Which Rose Is Right For You? Roses can be grown in any location, and there are sizes that accommodate any landscape environment. There are too many sub-varieties to show them all here, but this column has space for a list of the four major rose types. This will help you choose the right variety for your garden. Bush Roses are … Continue reading

Inner Soul of a Gardener, the Reason for the Hobby

By Ken Lain, the mountain gardener This week’s column is intraspective, philosophical and downright soulful.  The poet side of this gardener is released in a reflection back at why I garden, and who took interest in sharing the passion that has lasted a lifetime.  It’s from the heart, but no garden advice follows.   Most people pigeonhole work and play … Continue reading

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