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Dark Beard Spirea

  • Dark Beard SpireaIf you want butterflies, fragrant flowers, low water plants that take little maintenance then look at this dark blue wonder.

  • The dark bearded flowers only grow to knee high and the prefect replacement for aggressive Russian sage but equally as pretty, a big bold plant.



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What is an Annual Flowering Plant??

A true annual is a plant that completes its life cycle in one year. This means it goes from seed to seed and then dies during the course of one growing season. The whole mission of an annual is to flower, then produce seed and propagate. That is why deadheading or removing spent flowers before the flowers produce seed is … Continue reading

What is a herbaceous perennial plant?

When a plant is called ‘herbaceous’, it means the core stems that hold the leaves upright during the growing season are soft, green or succulent, as opposed to the brown and woody stems of a lilac, forsythia or rose of sharon. Most plants that are defined as ‘herbacious’ will die back to the ground in winter and the spent stems … Continue reading

Get Real Men’s Expo moved to August 20th

Ever increasing attendance has caused this years ‘Get Real Mens Expo’ to move venue to Prescott High School so they can show all of cars and motorcycles. This years ‘Show-N-Shine’ display will feature all makes and models, all classes, from all over Arizona. The show starts at 8:30 and runs through lunch at 1pm on August 20th. All are welcome … Continue reading

Pinching for Bigger Blooms

By Ken Lain, the mountain gardener Our family got together last week to celebrate the moms in our lives.  Rain altered the usual patio party so the women gathered in the kitchen, and the men rallied around the smell of grilling meats.  Yes, Lisa and I had the heaters and fire pits in full flame around the grill, while the … Continue reading

Heat Tolerant Greens and Lettuce

Salads don’t have to end with spring! A crisp, colorful salad may be the perfect dish on a hot summer’s day, and some varieties of greens excel despite the heat. Sowing heat-tolerant greens keeps your fridge crisper full of healthful, delicious, and diverse greens to help quench the heat. While lettuce is known for bolting in the heat leading to … Continue reading

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